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Walnut and Pecan Nut Shell Media

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Dealing in high resilience cleaning media and specializing in walnut shell and pecan shell.
Cleaning a turbine engine? Jet Blast is for you.
Excellent for cleaning chemical and refinery plant equipment, boiler tubes, oil field equipment, oil field drilling rigs, storage tanks, compressors, turbine compressor components, polish soft metals, wood plastics, fiberglass and stones.
Our abrasive is also used to polish and tumble gun casings, jewelry and for many other uses in polishing and tumbling.
The nutshell abrasive also deflashes and deburrs moldings, castings and other critical parts including but not limited to electronic and electrical.
One of the best materials for the removing of metals from water. Our product is used in many waste treatment systems.
The pecan shell filter media is an excellent source of activated carbon.


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