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Nut Shell Fine Lost Circulation Material
Nut Shell Medium Lost Circulation Material
Nut Shell Course Lost Circulation Material


Multi Seal Lost Circulation Material

Multiseal is a select blend of four types of materials normally used for lost circulation .. A flake material (cellophane), a granular material (nut shell), fine fiberous material (ground paper), and coarse fibers (cedar fibers).


Texseal Lost Circulation Material

Texseal is a blend of 75% nut shell and 25% medium cedar fibers.  Customer may select which size of nut shell (fine, medium or coarse), he wished to have blended with cedar fibers.

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Nut Shell Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Media

Jet Blast - Approved and recommend by General Electric, Westinghouse, Rolls-Royce, Solar, Turbo Power and Marine Systems, Ruston, Sulzer and Cooper-Bassemer Co.


Nut Shell Abrasive

Dennis Dawson Company Nut Shell Blast Cleaning Media is excellent for cleaning chemical and refinery plant equipment, boiler tubes, oil field equipment, oil field drilling rigs, storage tanks, compressors and compressor components.

Non-Sparking Biodegradable


Walnut and Pecan Nutshell Filter Media

Dennis Dawson Company processes and has in stock walnut and pecan nut shell filter media.

Non-Sparking Biodegradable


Custom Blending

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Oil Industry:
Pecans shells are used as lost circulation materials in the oil well drilling industry.
It is a key ingredient in making and maintaining seals in fracture zones and unconsolidated formations.
The Dennis Dawson Company both processes and keeps in stock this pecan nutshell lost circulation materials.
Our pecan shell product is an excellent, environmentally safe, medium for controlling lost circulation.
Lost Circulation Material Sizes;
Coarse Pecan Nutshell- Medium Pecan Nutshell- Fine Pecan Nutshell

Nut Shell Abrasive:
Excellent for cleaning chemical and refinery plant equipment, boiler tubes, oil field equipment, oil field drilling rigs, storage tanks, compressors, turbine compressor components, polish soft metals, wood plastics, fiberglass and stones.
Our abrasive is also used to polish and tumble gun casings, jewelry and for many other uses in polishing and tumbling.
The nutshell abrasive also deflashes and deburrs moldings, castings and other critical parts including but not limited to electronic and electrical.

Nutshell Filter Media:
One of the best materials for the removing of metals from water.
Our product is used in many waste treatment systems.
The pecan shell filter media is an excellent source of activated carbon.