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How much would your profit increase if you could cut the cost of scraping valuable parts and the loss of many man hours?Walnut

Dennis Dawson Co. Soft Abrasive Grit makes for low cost modern cleaning!

How would you like a cleaning method that is essentially fool-proof - involves no toxic liquids or flammable solvents and is four to ten times faster than older methods?

How would you like to be able to clean a one million dollar jet engine, airplane cylinder and pistons with no change in dimensions and no pitting action?

Competition forces the industry to seek better techniques over manual and costly hand finishing methods.

Cleaning by soft grit blasting is particularly effective where the surface of the metal under its coat of dirt, grease, scale, carbon, etc., should remain unchanged or otherwise unimpaired.

Did you know that the time required to degrease and recondition electrical equipment by this soft grit method is only one-fourth to one-third to that required by older methods?

Did you know that pitted surfaces resulting from use of steel grit cause early failure of subsequently applied paint films?  Soft grits do not cause pitting.

Did you know that machine components cleaning by the soft grit method requires no additional machining or fitting for re-use?

Are you a custom molder of plastic parts?

How long does your de-flashing take?

The soft grit method is a dry operation and long periods of drying are not required before the equipment can be replaced in service.  Surfaces are ready immediately for painting or varnishing.

Is your problem de-scaling and/or rust removal?

How long does your de-burring take?

Did you know that soft grits provide a low cost method of cleaning metals and are excellent media to be used in precision barrel finishing?

The soft grit method of cleaning not only eliminates the hazards surrounding the older methods, but is considerably more economical in respect to time and materials.  Dennis Dawson Co. Grit is reusable and eliminates the health hazard of Silicosis.

Greases, gums, waxes, asphalts or varnishes present in preservative cause no difficulty of removal by the soft grit method.

What does it cost you to use the abrasive you have?

Does the abrasive you use have RESILIENCE?

Do poorly chosen cleaning methods cause you to scrap valuable parts?

The effectiveness of soft grits is the same regardless of the size of the object to be cleaned.  So make sure you get your money's worth and use an abrasive product with RESILIENCE.  The Superiority of Dennis Dawson Co. Soft Grit is proven by the following data.

Dennis Dawson Co. Walnut Shell features a terrific modulus of elasticity (giving greater durability thru and due to RESILIENCE at no extra cost.)  Look at these results of penetration tests to the right and you will see why we feature RESILIENCE.

In these tests the Nozzle was held three inches from the panels and the time, in seconds, required for penetration was considered the measure of cleaning efficiency.

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Walnut Soft Abrasive Grit

It is a fact that in addition to a soft grit material being strong, that is, resisting rupture, the material must also have a high modulus of elasticity, that is, it should resist deformation.  The durability and quality characteristics of a walnut shell is proven by its ability to stand up and perform and is further emphasized in the following chart showing various materials and their modulus of elasticity in pounds per square inch.

Material Modulus Elas., p.s.i.
Walnut shells 170,000
Coconut Shells 10,000 +
Peach Pits 10,000 +
Brazil Nut Covers None
Cherry Pits 10,000 +
Apricot Pits 10,000 +
Plum Pits 10,000 +
Olive Seeds 10,000 +
Prune Seeds 10,000 +
Grape Seeds None
Peanut Hulls None
Almond Shells 10,000 +
Cotton Seed Hulls None
Acorn Shells 10,000 +
Orange Seeds None
Grapefruit Seeds None
Lemon Seeds None
Watermelon Seeds None

Resilience, is elasticity, (the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation).

After reviewing this chart it is easy for you to see why your abrasive should be Dennis Dawson Co. Walnut Shell.

Your Resilience is FREE

In addition to the above facts, Dennis Dawson Co. Soft Abrasive Grit has the following specifications:

  • Specific gravity (to water) - 1.3 to 1.4
  • Dust Free
  • Gradation guaranteed to be within 5% of the stated size.
  • Free of metal
  • Oil and water resistant.
  • For all practical purposes, chemically inert.
  • Hardness (Moh's) - 3

Dennis Dawson Co. Soft Abrasive Grit meets military specifications MIL-G-5634A and all quality requirements concerning same.  Our grit is packaged in 50 pound multi-wall, moisture proof paper sacks, available as required.

Dennis Dawson Co. Soft Abrasive Grit Available in These Screen Sizes

Available Screen Sizes
6/10, 8/12, 12/20, 20/30, 20/40,
30/60, 35/60, 30/100, 40/60,
-60, -100, -200, -325

Results of Tests on Various Soft Grits

Types of Grits

Grits Only

Grits Plus Rice Hulls

Hardshell Almond Shell 9 7
Softshell Almond Shell 9 7
Apricot Pit Shell 11 7
*Cherry Pit Shell 7 3
Coconut Shell 4 4
Corncob, Commercial
As Received Screened       22                20
Air-Separated                 22-35             10
Peach Shell (Pit) 5 5
Walnut Shell 4 1

* Grits from cherry pits, while very effective in cleaning by the blasting method, are quite friable and disintegrate readily to a fine powder.

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Dealing in high resilience cleaning media and specializing in walnut shell and pecan shell.
Cleaning a turbine engine? Jet Blast is for you.
Excellent for cleaning chemical and refinery plant equipment, boiler tubes, oil field equipment, oil field drilling rigs, storage tanks, compressors, turbine compressor components, polish soft metals, wood plastics, fiberglass and stones.
Our abrasive is also used to polish and tumble gun casings, jewelry and for many other uses in polishing and tumbling.
The nutshell abrasive also deflashes and deburrs moldings, castings and other critical parts including but not limited to electronic and electrical.
One of the best materials for the removing of metals from water. Our product is used in many waste treatment systems.
The pecan shell filter media is an excellent source of activated carbon.


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